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Chakra & Jutsu System

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Chakra & Jutsu System Empty Chakra & Jutsu System

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:13 pm

The following are the starting chakra pools for each ninja rank



Special Jounin/B-rank


ANBU Captain/S-rank


Chakra cost by the rank of the Jutsu







Upkeep Values: A jutsu may be in active for more than one post. Upkeep costs are the chakra costs for keeping a jutsu up for a longer duration. Keep in mind that we are flexible with changes in upkeep according to the jutsu (for example, most fuinjutsu won't have upkeep) and this is just the standard.

E-rank Jutsu: 1
D-rank Jutsu: 3
C-rank Jutsu: 5
B-rank Jutsu: 10
A-rank Jutsu: 20
S-rank Jutsu: 35

In ToS, you may learn jutsu by doing Word Count (WC) training. These are the required minimum WC

E-rank Jutsu: 100
D-rank Jutsu: 300
C-rank Jutsu: 500
B-rank Jutsu: 700
A-rank Jutsu: 800
S-rank Jutsu: 1200


In ToS, all ninja are able to start with one element. Only S-ranks can start with two elements. To get more elements, one must buy them. Details about the costs of purchasing elements can be found in the Experience and Ryo System.

Starting Jutsu

All ranks are able to receive the basic Academy-level E-rank jutsu for free. However, D-ranks such as Body Flicker, Generic Sealing Method, and Kai ~ Release are not free and must be bought. The rest of jutsu must be bought with Experience or trained.

Jutsu Variations

In order to create any type of variation of a technique, whether it be custom or canon, you will have to follow the following system put in place.
Creating a variation of a technique will require certain experience in the technique's field of skill. For example, if Shinsui was to create his own variation of Rasengan which is a Ninjutsu, then he will have to have a high enough Skill level in Ninjutsu. The ratio of technique rank to Skill level is 1:1. Allow us to explain further in the following list:

D-rank Variation: Requires at least 1 point in said field.

C-rank Variation: Requires at least 2 points in said field.

B-rank Variation: Requires at least 3 points in said field.

A-rank Variation: Requires at least 4 points in said field.

S-rank Variation: Requires at least 5 points in said field.

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