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Mission System

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Mission System

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:02 pm

Mission System

For missions of a certain rank, each participant must write a certain number of words for the mission to be completed. Here are the minimum word count requirements

D-rank: 300
C-rank: 600
B-rank: 850
A-rank: 1200
S-rank: 1500

Genin are only allowed to do D-C rank missions. Chunin are only allowed to do up to A-rank missions. Jounin are allowed to do all missions up to S-rank.

Mission Rewards

The following are guideline amounts of Exp and Ryo which missions reward you according to their rank. Mission creators may change the amounts as they wish depending on the difficulty however they may not differ much and if they do they need the approval of a Head Mod or higher.

D-rank: 100 EXP, 200 Ryo
C-rank: 250 EXP, 300 Ryo
B-rank: 400 EXP, 500 Ryo
A-rank: 600 EXP, 600 Ryo
S-rank: 850 EXP, 700 Ryo

Team Missions: There'll be a 50 EXP or 100 Ryo Bonus for all participants for every additional page they reach in the thread. This means every page after the first one, the first is not included in this bonus.

No mission may be repeated more than once a day~

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