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Jutsu, Element & Summon Cost

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Jutsu, Element & Summon Cost Empty Jutsu, Element & Summon Cost

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:58 pm

Here on  Tales of Shinobi we use two different yet close systems of currency, known as Experience (or Exp) and Ryo. There are various ways to attain Exp and Ryo, with the main being missions. When completing missions you will be rewarded with Exp and Ryo, with the amount of each depending on the mission specifics and rank. Some missions will reward you with more Exp and others will give you more Ryo, depending on what exactly the mission is.
Below are the specifics for Exp and Ryo.

Exp: Experience deals with Jutsu and Summons as well as a summons jutsu and your own elements or your summon's elements. If you're looking to buy a Jutsu or a Summon then you will need to pay for said Jutsu/Summon with Experience. This also counts for a Summons Jutsu, your element and your summon's element. Attaining Exp is generally a bit harder than attaining Ryo, however the object bought with Exp generally has more value to a character than an item bought with Ryo. Due to Exp dealing with Jutsu and Summons, missions which involve combat or missions which involve the use of a few Jutsu or a Summon will generally pay better Exp than Ryo, depending on the creator's choice.

Ryo: Ryo is the money of the Shinobi World, used to buy items and weapons along with various other things within that direction. If you're looking to buy an item you created or some type of weapon/armor then you will need to pay Ryo for it. This also counts for abilities for said items/weapons/armor. Attaining Ryo is generally easier than attaining Exp, however it still needs to be worked for. D-C ranked missions which involve things such as delivering a note or package to someone generally don't involve combat or the use of jutsu thus the Ryo payout will generally be better than that of the mission's Exp payout, depending on the creator's choice.

As said before there are various ways to attain Exp and Ryo and this is a short description of what you can do to attain Shinobi World War currency.
Missions: Missions might be the best way for you to attain currency on our site.
Transfers: You can have someone ( a friend) send you Ryo to help you out however Exp can in no way be sent from one person to the other. You may under no circumstance send yourself Ryo (IE. From one character to one of your other characters.)
Events: Events also pay out both Exp and Ryo as a reward depending on the event specifics. Usually events will also have a bigger reward such as one of the Seven Swords of the Mist (SSM), or a mass payment to your village if your village won the event.
Posting: 20 EXP will be granted per 500 words written by a poster in non-mission/training threads. Any words that passed the mission or training requirement may receive this reward as well. If you're found abusing this system, you will be penalized.
Other: There could be other ways to attain Exp/Ryo however they must be approved by an admin. These "other" methods include things which are not listed in the above descriptions.

Starting Experience and Ryo

Each character starts off with a set amount of Experience and Ryo according to their rank. The higher your starting rank, the higher your starting currency will be. This starting Experience and Ryo can be used for anything, though we suggest you use it for techniques and items to get you started.

Genin [D-rank]: 500 Exp and 500 Ryo
Chuunin [C-rank]: 1000 Exp and 1000 Ryo
Special Jounin [B-rank]: 1500 Exp and 1000 Ryo
Jounin/ANBU [A-rank]: 2000 Exp and 1500 Ryo
Jounin/ANBU/ANBU Captain [S-rank]: 3000 Exp and 2000 Ryo
Kage/Village Leader [S-rank]: 4000 Exp and 2500 Ryo

Note: Special Jounin and S-ranks are not allowed as starting ranks atm. ANBU also does not exist yet. These ranks will be opened as the memberbase increases and rp progresses.

Jutsu Cost: The following is the amount of Exp which jutsu costs to buy.
E-rank: 50 Exp
D-rank: 100 Exp
C-rank: 150 Exp
B-rank: 250 Exp
A-rank: 500 Exp
S-rank: 1000 Exp

Summon Cost: The following is the amount of Exp which summons costs to buy.
D-rank: 200 Exp
C-rank: 400 Exp
B-rank: 600 Exp
A-rank: 1000 Exp
S-rank: 1500 Exp

Summon Jutsu Cost: When buying a jutsu for one of your summonings, then you will have to pay x1.5 the normal jutsu cost according to the jutsu's rank.

Element Cost:

First Element: 500 Exp

Second Element: 750 Exp

Third Element: 1500 Exp

Fourth Element: 3000 Exp

Fifth Element: 4000 Exp

The costs above are the same for your character as well as for your summons. Buying an element for a summon does not mean all your summons get the element - the cost remains per element.

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