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Senju - Canon Clan

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Senju - Canon Clan Empty Senju - Canon Clan

Post by Haruko on Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:51 am

Clan Name: Senju
Clan Location: Konohagakure
Size: 3
Clan Ability Description: Wood Release
The Senju are descendants of Asura Ōtsutsuki, the youngest son of the Sage of the Six Paths. Through Asura, the Senju inherited the Sage's "body", granting them a powerful life force and chakra. Unlike most other clans, the Senju never developed a trademark ability or style of combat, its members instead being equally proficient in all the ninja arts.
Bloodline Reputation: Yes, being one of the first clans to exist.
Clan Jutsus:


Moku Bunshin no Jutsu [ Wood Clone Technique ]
Rank S
An upgraded version of the regular Mokuton Bunshin. These clones can do everything that their lower rank counterparts can do. In addition to being able to not only merge with vegetation and wood, but travel through it also. These clones are impossible to tell apart from the user and they can use a limited number of jutsu themselves. (Only one per turn per clone. Can only use Mokuton techniques and they cannot go over A rank. Cannot make more then one clone per turn.)

Hijutsu: Jukai Kotan [ Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees ]
Rank S
The user forces trees to grow on any surface, and can easily create a dense forest anywhere. The technique can be used to bind an opponent and alter a battlefield for one's own uses.

Mokuton: Kajukai Kōrin [Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees]
Rank S
Taking advantage of the innate properties of Wood Release — to be able to force trees to grow on any surface in an instant — the user creates a dense forest of flowering trees. The pollen produced by these flowers is then released into the atmosphere and when inhaled, renders any afflicted target unconscious. With enough willpower, it is possible to regain consciousness. However, in order to counter the technique fully, either the trees themselves must be destroyed completely or the target must continue to remain elevated above the dispersed pollen.

Kakuan Nitten Suishu [ Entering Society with Bliss Bringing Hands ]
Rank S
This technique utilises the power of the Wood Release to forcibly suppress a tailed beast's chakra. The user would produce the seal "sit" (座, suwaru) on their palm, and then by touching the tailed beast's chakra with their hand, the user then suppresses the chakra inside an area lined with ten or eleven wooden pillars. This improved version of the jutsu can suppress a demons chakra completely regardless of what stage of release it is in.

Mokuton: Anbureikaburudomu [Unbreakable dome]
Rank S+
The user makes hand seals and then summons extremely flexible wood around them which forms into a protective dome. This dome is capable of not only blocking attacks, but also deflecting them as the wood easily flexes and then rebounds knocking the attack away.  


Jukai Koutan [ Birth of a Sea of Trees ]
Rank A
Mokuton • Jukai Koutan is a Ninjutsu technique used by Yamato which uses the Wood Element. After doing the needed hand seals, a small woodland will grow from the ground. The size of the forest is dependent on how much Chakra is used. E-rank usage may only create a few small saplings, but an A-rank usage will create tens of adult trees.

Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu [ Smothering Binding Technique ]
Rank A
This technique is similar to the Wood Release: Great Forest Technique, as it also transforms the user's arm into several wood tendrils which can be used to capture and restrain an enemy. This technique can be made large enough to capture a giant enemies or a mass of normal sized ones.

Shichuurou no Jutsu [ Four Pillar Prison Technique ]
Rank A
The user changes chakra into timber under the ground and makes it grow rapidly, while forming it into a wooden prison. The size of the prison is based on the user's imagination. From an insect cage to a great prison, one can make it into whatever they want by regulating the amount of chakra used. The timber itself is treated with a chakra coating, making its destruction extremely difficult. During war, it has the great ability to detain prisoners, but it can also be used as a disciplinary measure for quarreling subordinates.

Mokujoheki [ Wood Locking Wall ]
Rank A
An extremely versatile move, this technique uses chakra to activate the roots in the ground and, using the user of the technique as a reference point, makes wooden pillars appear from left and right. The wooden pillars join together in a dome-shape with the user at the center. This process can be used to catch the enemy in a double sided attack. Also, in case one confronts the enemy at a short distance, the enemy can be locked up inside the dome, setting the situation for a one-on-one fight. This dome can also be collapsed or burnt with the enemy inside to inflict damage. Furthermore, it functions as an easy shelter against the enemy's long-distance attacks, like shuriken and kunai.

Kakuan Nitten Suishu [ Entering Society with Bliss Bringing Hands ]
Rank A
This technique utilizes the power of the Wood Release to forcibly suppress a tailed beast's chakra. To invoke this technique, it is necessary for the tailed beast or its jinchūriki to be exerting charka in a weaker state of demon possession. The user would produce the seal "seat" (座) on their palm, and touching the tailed beast's chakra with their hand, the user then suppresses the chakra inside an area lined with ten or eleven wooden pillars. Can only suppress demons up to and include a stage two demon release.


Daijurin no Jutsu [ Great Forest Technique ]
Rank B
A technique that changes one's own arm into big trees. Using chakra, the tissues are transformed into trees at the cellular level. Then, by activating the trees, stimulating them to grow rapidly, they lengthen at high speed and fork into many branches. It is possible to capture the enemy with these branches and at the same time, if one changes the ends into sharp stakes, turn them into countless, sharp, spear-like piercing weapons. This technique has also been used to break through stone walls. When a small hole is found the tree will squeeze in the hole and grow into a square shape and increase the size of the hole so a human can pass through.

Shichuuka no Jutsu [ Four Pillar Home Technique ]
Rank B
By sending chakra into the ground, the roots of the plants are converted into raw materials. This technique allows for a building to be constructed, by forcing accelerated growth. Just like with the Four Pillar Prison Technique, the size and shape of the building are taken from the user's imagination or memories. By placing fuda around the house, the user creates a barrier, making it impossible for the enemy to detect it and allowing the user to "camp" in peace.

Jubaku Eiso [ Binding Nest ]
Rank B
This technique lets the user summon a tree to slowly wrap and bind their opponent. This technique is relatively powerful and holds opponents much more gracefully, with less of a strain on the user, because the user sinks them into the ground. Afterwards, the user can enclose the opponent so that their body implodes.


Ki Eda no Jutsu [ Tree Limb Technique ]
Rank C
The user summons forth five thick tree roots from the ground. These roots can then be used to shelter, shield, or impale, depending on the user's whim. Unfortunately, they don't stretch too far.

Jukai Heki [ Dense Woodland Wall ]
Rank C
The user creates countless wooden branches that grow at high speed from the ground. The wood interlaces to form a wide, net-like wall with an impressive defensive power. Just keep in mind its elemental weakness.

Moku Shouheki no Jutsu [ Wood Barrier Technique ]
Rank C
The user performs the necessary handsigns, causing beams of wood to emerge from the ground. The beams then converge on one another to form a half spherical barrier to deflect an incoming blast.

Mokuton: Henge [ Wood Release: Transformation ]
Rank C
This jutsu is just like any other Transformation Technique. The user performs the necessary hand seals, then wood emerges and covers his entire body and a puff of smoke or chakra covers up the transformation. Once the jutsu is done, the transformation is complete. It acts more like a costume than a transformation, as the user is able to leave it behind if necessary.


Moku Bunshin no Jutsu [ Wood Clone Technique ]
Rank D
A clone that is created by altering the user's own cells with chakra. It has more endurance than the normal Shadow Clones and doesn't disappear when hit by the enemies' attacks. Moreover, since it has the ability to merge with plants and trees, it is also great for reconnaissance missions. They have the ability to travel far distances from the user and are able to communicate with the original. The clones can be as simple in function as a wooden dummy for use in the Body Replacement Technique.
( Each additional clone beyond the first costs [15] chakra to make. )

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