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Tier & Ranking Up System

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Tier & Ranking Up System

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:36 pm

Experience is used on LoS for various things, amongst these things is the ability to rank your character up. Ranks exist of five stages, being D, C, B, A and S or better known as Genin, Chuunin, Special Jounin, Jounin and Kage. Along with these ranks are sub-stages such as missing ninjas only being ranked at D-S, or even different ranks having different stages of power such as Jounin being able to be ranked A and S. Once a character has gained a decent amount of Experience then that Experience may be used as a payment in order to rank up. The following is a list of Ranks and their cost of Exp in order to rank up.

Genin (D-rank) - Chuunin (C-rank): 2000 Exp

Chuunin (C-rank) - Special Jounin (B-rank): 4000 Exp

Special Jounin (B-rank) - Jounin/ANBU (A-rank): 6000 Exp

Jounin/ANBU (A-rank) - Jounin/ANBU/ANBU Captain/Village Leader/Kage (S-rank): 8000 Exp

Note: These rates may change if staff find them easily-gained and rank-ups may be denied/de-ranked though they will be refunded.

Upon ranking up you will receive a set amount of stats as well as 2 Skill Points. The following is a list of Ranks and their respective stat gains upon ranking up. Genin to chuunin rank ups receive +3

Genin (D-rank) - Chuunin (C-rank): +2 Tier Point

Chuunin (C-rank) - Special Jounin (B-rank): +2 Tier Point

Special Jounin (B-rank) - Jounin/ANBU (A-rank): +3 Tier Points

Jounin/ANBU (A-rank) - Jounin/ANBU/ANBU Captain/Village Leader/Kage (S-rank): +5 Tier Points

Once you've acquired enough Exp you may post an update in your own updates requesting a rank up. Once it is approved, the Exp will be deducted from your total. Inside this update post you should state where you will be placing your Stats and Skill Points.

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